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2013 in numbers

What an interesting year! #

This is the first year that I joined a regional team and this involved a lot of travel (12900 flight hours) across all EMEA. Has been a blast meeting a lot of end-users, partners and colleagues.

I’ve started doing my “RhoMobile Developer Roadshow”, usually a one man show with up to three events a week for a total of 22 cities, from Lisbon to Dubai, and from Capetown to Helsinki. Has been a blast, physically and emotionally! and I really enjoyed it.

So 2013 has been an year where I’ve discovered that I like to travel, especially to meet people and chat with them about technology. I like to train/coach people, I now have few end-users/partners direct relations as the go-to guy for RhoMobile projects and I like to speak in public, both at our small events and at big technology conferences. I’ve discovered this last point presenting at a couple of DroidCon events later in 2013 (London and Amsterdam).

2013 included a new manager (Hi James, thanks for all the support) and a new team: the dynamic duo with Paul&Pietro. By the end of 2013 Paul decided to follow a different professional path so, all the best to him!

And now I’m ready for 2014!