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2014 New Year resolutions

Table of Contents

Blog a bit more #

That’s been one of my goal for a long time, and something that I always suggest to people to increase their “Luck Surface Area”.

In my case I can add an additional goal: keep track of what I do, tricks that I find and document procedure, fixes and workarounds. That’s always a bit of a pain point for me: I manage to do something and then in six months (or six hours) I forgot how I’ve done it and I need to start from scratch… Never More

Content in Markdown #

That’s one of the key technical decisions that I already have clear in mind, the content I’m going to produce will be in pure text, using Markdown formatting.

Choosing a blog engine and an hosting platform #

I don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up a system at this moment, I prefer to use my time for other things! GitHub offer a nice way to have a git repository used as a blog source. It’s a no-brainer for me!

Static site generators like Jekill are another no brainer. In my case I prefer to have some helps so I’m going to use octopress starting with the KoenigsPress theme.

Hosting solutions #

GitHub pages

Setting up my custom domain #

At the end I used to buy the domain for the next 10 years, I’ve managed to find a nice coupon and after few minutes I was able to have everything setup correctly. Some additional information are available on stackoverflow and this blog.

Documenting my writing process #

rake new_post["my new great post"]
rake preview
git status
git add .
git commit -m "Added new great post"
git push origin source
rake gen_deploy

Hopefully I’ll finally start to crank out some content!