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Rhodes tips & tricks

How to rebuild the rhodes gem #

git clone
cd rhodes
git checkout 3-5-stable

make and commit changes if needed, then:

rm -rf *
git reset --hard
git pull

Otherwise directly

rake gem

Copy files where you need it (on a different machine) gem install -l rhodes- (version given as an example)

Rhodes Database encryption #

Rhodes uses SQLite as database engine on all the supported platforms and, to provide encryption support we use different solutions depending by the target platform.

For Windows Mobile we use the WinCrypt Library The actual implementation is under platform folder on github

Microsoft WinCrypt library support multiple algorithms and we use RC4 in Windows Mobile.

For other operative systems we use the SQLCipher plugin. A look at the crypto.c source file included in the SQLite folder can give more info.

Making a pull request to rhodes… #

First of all you need to fork rhodes:

Then you need to be sure that your fork is synced with upstream (this needs to be done before starting making changes), the following guide from GitHub came handy: