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Rhodes 5.0.2 and Visual Studio 2008 Localized edition

The information in this article is obsolete.
Please refer to the official RhoMobile for best practices and setup guide

Oh the joy of a new RhoMobile version!

Creating new virtual machines and finally deciding that is time to leave the old trusty Windows XP and jump on the new Windows 7 with 63+1 bits. Oh man! what a pleasant use of time :-)

On top of this I wanted to spin the setup a bit and decided to use a localized version of Visual Studio 2008… what can go wrong with it?

Well… you may encounter a fancy Microsoft “feature” with a message that more or less reads: “VCProjectEngine.dll” Could not be loaded

This obviously, in your language of choice.

The Solution?

From the same thread, copy the content of the localized package for vcbuild in the main folder; in my case:

I just made a copy of the original content before moving the files (you never know).

Enjoy your localized Visual Studio!