Public talks

Android at Large - video from Android Developer Summit 2019

With Android making its way to new form factors, and OEM’s pushing the boundaries with new technology, it’s time to take a look at what these environments bring to you and your users. It’s crucial that your developer workflow accounts for resizability, new display sizes and aspect ratios, multi display, and app continuity to provide your users the best experience no matter where they are. The days of taking the easy road with screenOrientation=““portrait”” are quickly coming to an end.

In this talk, we discuss the challenges faced when looking to support Android on various platforms, and how to make sure that you’re providing a great experience on all of these form-factors. You will leave this talk with an actionable checklist that helps stabilize your app and user experience on any device.

Presented by: Kenneth Ford, Pietro Maggi

In-app Updates - video from Android Developer Summit 2019

Play’s In-app updates API lets you prompt users to update your app while they are using the app, launched at Google I/O 2019. In this talk we will review what’s new since then and explore ways that in-app updates can be used by your app.

Presented by: Alessandro Dovis, Pietro Maggi, Amrit Sanjeev

Embrace WorkManager

I presented this talk at droidcon Berlin 2019. Slides and video recording are available.