Android Wireless deepdive

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Moving a seven years old app from Windows Mobile devices to Android

...with zero budget.


Where do we start?

  • Current application is a WebApp running in a custom Hybrid container
  • Manage to survive off-line getting pieces of information about WiFi coverage
  • Identify devices using the Registry
  • Control barcode scanner through custom <META> tags


What do they need?

  • Barcode scanning
  • Realtime WiFi data (RSSI, IP Address, etc.)
  • Univocally identify every device (with no additional configuration)
  • Nothing complicated to use


Proposed solution

  • Hybrid container based on RhoMobile to reuse current WebApp
  • Custom API to fill-in the gaps
  • Samples pages to address some HTML changes


Getting real

"In God we trust, all others must bring data"

W. Edwards Deming

Enterprise configuration details for Wi-Fi. Stores details about the EAP method and any associated credentials.

Added in API level 18

Available in previous version but EnterpriseField is annotated with @hide

WifiEnterpriseConfig * Android 4.1.2_r1

Java Reflection at the rescue

The name reflection is used to describe code which is able to inspect other code in the same system (or itself).


Plan for resolution

  • Build an Android app as proof-of-concept
  • Build a RhoMobile's native Extension for Android
  • Write some demo code and document it.


RhoElements Hybrid Container app on Github

Major Pain Points



Thank you

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