Xamarin.Forms + FreshMVVM + DataWedge = 💖

Xamarin Forms is getting traction with Zebra’s Partners and End-Users and a light framework like FreshMVVM looks the perfect companion. But it’s not an application for a Zebra device if it doesn’t integrate Barcode scanning functionality. DataWedge APIs to the rescue!!! Let’s add to the inventory application we built, barcode scanning functionalities. [Read More]

Here be Dragons - The Enterprise Mobile Security Journey

This blog started out as a series of notes for a talk I’ve presented in April 2018 at a couple of events (Droidcon Dubai and Droidcon Turin) with my Zebra Technologies hat. Feel free to provide comments and feedback. [Read More]

Enterprise Browser - Modernizing web applications

Enterprise Browser allows to create shortcuts to different Config.xml so the user can access them using a different icon on your Android Launcher screen. This is a step-by-step guide on how to create, test and distribute them. [Read More]

Android Auto testing

I got a new car this summer that supports Android Auto, some apps I use on my phone works out of the box, others required some work. I remembered a couple of years ago Google presenting a tool to test AndroidAuto apps… it ends up that there’s “space for improvements” in the available documentation. [Read More]