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Android Auto testing

I got a new car this summer that supports Android Auto, some apps I use on my phone works out of the box, others required some work. I remembered a couple of years ago Google presenting a tool to test AndroidAuto apps... it ends up that there's "space for improvements" in the available documentation.

My work requires to demo a feature or a particular application on a mobile device while showing the actual device screen on a big screen. These are some of the tools I use and some of the tricks I like to use.

My personal preference is to reference Zebra's EMDK jar library in gradle's dependencies, and this requires to indicate the correct path to the library. So far so good if you're working on a single machine. This short post shows a better way to indicate EMDK library path independently from the machine where you're building your app.

Zebra Technologies' StageNow is a powerful tool that allows to easily stage a lot of the parameters required on COBO device. However we don't have a 100% coverage of all the Android Settings. Here I'll show how to build a minimal application that can be controlled from StageNow to set up the Display AutoRotation parameter. As this is not a reserved setting, any application can change this value.